Douglas G. Niessen
1708 Braman Ave.
BISMARCK, ND   58501


Frequency allocation status for K6STS

Two repeater frequencies are (or have been) associated with K6STS.

One repeater frequency-pair is reserved for a repeater that is under repair or for a future repeater.



Input Frequency

Output Frequency






future repeater

K6STS is associated with one functional repeater.

That repeater uses the 144.68/145.28 frequency-pair on the 2m band and has these characteristics:

Availability - This is an experimental repeater that may provide intermittent access.

Location - In or near Bismarck in the southwest-central region of North Dakota.
    Longitude: -100.4627
    Longitude: 46.4962

Access - For access, this repeater requires a sub-audible tone at 107.2 Hz.

Digital Voice capability - This repeater is capable of YAESU C4FM, using Continuous 4 level FM (C4FM). This repeater's Digital Squelch Code is: 8.

DTMF Features

This repeaters has no DTMF features such as LITZ, autopatch, or access to law enforcment and weather information.

DTMF-invoked Networks

This repeater has no DTMF-invoked network capability.

Automatic Links

This repeater has no automatically-invoked links.

In an Emergency

This repeater has no emergency power system.

This repeater is associated with neither RACES nor ARES.

Other features

This is not a bi-lingual repeater.

This is an experimental repeater.