Ronald L Muhs
1321 5TH ST
LANGDON, ND   58249


Frequency allocation status for KA0BKO

One repeater frequency is (or has been) associated with KA0BKO.

KA0BKO is associated with one functional repeater.

That repeater uses the 146.19/146.79 frequency-pair on the 2m band and has these characteristics:

Availability - This is an open amateur radio repeater.

Location - In or near Langdon in the northeast-central region of North Dakota.
    Longitude: -98.22
    Longitude: 48.455

Access - This is a carrier-access repeater.

Digital Voice capability - This repeater is an analog machine with no digital-voice capability.

DTMF Features

This repeaters has no DTMF features such as LITZ, autopatch, or access to law enforcment and weather information.

DTMF-invoked Networks

This repeater has no DTMF-invoked network capability.

Automatic Links

This repeater has no automatically-invoked links.

In an Emergency

This repeater has a battery-backup emergency power system.

This repeater is associated with neither RACES nor ARES.

Other features

This is not a bi-lingual repeater.

This is not an experimental repeater.